Embedding Formative Assessment – Book Study

We are excited that Dylan Wiliam is delivering the opening keynote and a number of sessions at the T³ International Conference in Orlando, Florida, on February 26, 2016.

Dylan is a leading educator on formative assessment (see his website here). His recent book Embedding Formative Assessment is a thought-provoking read for all educators wanting to better understand and implement formative assessment.

Slow Chat Book Study

In preparation for hearing Dylan, we are going to embark on a “slow chat book study” of Embedding Formative Assessment. We invite all educators to join with us in this discussion.

Beginning in January, we will cover a chapter each week, ending just prior to the International Conference. We will use Twitter to share our thoughts with each other, using the hashtag #T3Learns.

With a slow chat book study you are not required to be online at any set time. Instead, share and respond to others’ thoughts as you can. This allows for great conversations to unfold at a slower pace.

When you have more to say than 140 characters allow, we encourage you to link to blog posts or other documents to share more.

There is no need to sign up for the study – just have a Twitter account and use the hashtag #T3Learns when you post your comment. And search for others’ comments using the hashtag #T3Learns.

Need to set up a Twitter account? Start here. If you need help once we start, contact us (see below).


Book Study Schedule

We have established the following schedule and daily prompts to help with sharing and discussion.

Date Ch Topic
Jan 2 1 Why Formative Assessment Should Be a Priority for Every Teacher
Jan 9 2 Your Professional Learning
Jan 16 3 Strategy 1: Clarifying, Sharing, and Understanding Learning Intentions and Success Criterial
Jan 23 4 Strategy 2: Engineering Effective Discussion, Tasks, and Activities That Elicit Evidence of Learning
Jan 30 5 Strategy 3: Providing Feedback That Moves Learning Forward
Feb 6 6 Strategy 4: Activating Students as Learning Resources for One Another
Feb 13 7 Strategy 5: Activating Students as Owners of Their Own Learning
Feb 20 Conclusion


Daily Prompts


Contact Information

Moderators will be Jill Gough, Kim Thomas, and Jennifer Wilson.
Please contact kspry@ti.com if you have any questions.

-Kevin Spry

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