#T3Learns Slow-Chat Book Study – “Balancing the Equation: A Guide to School Mathematics for Educators and Parents”



With just over two months until the T3 International Conference in Chicago, we are excited to introduce the #T3Learns slow-chat book study on Balancing the Equation: A Guide to School Mathematics for Educators and Parents, by Dr. Matt Larson and Dr. Tim Kanold.  All educators are invited to participate in this discussion.


Join Dr. Larson, president of NCTM and author of several key books on mathematics education, as he introduces Balancing the Equation during a T3 Professional Development Webinar on January 10th, 8 PM EST.


Dr. Larson will be delivering a session at the T3 International Conference based on the book with co-author Dr. Kanold, who is the conference keynote speaker and an award-winning educator and PLC expert.



Slow-Chat Book Study

We will cover a chapter each week, ending shortly before the conference. We will use Twitter to share our thoughts with each other, using the hashtag #T3Learns.


With a slow chat book study, you are not required to be online at any set time. Instead, share and respond to others’ thoughts as you can. Great conversations will unfold – just at a slower pace.


When you have more to say than 140 characters, we encourage you to link to blog posts, pictures or other documents. There is no need to sign up for the study – just use your Twitter account and the hashtag #T3Learns when you post your comments.


Don’t forget to search for others’ comments using the hashtag #T3Learns.


Need to set up a Twitter account? Start here.


If you need help once we start, contact us (see below).


Book Study Schedule

We have established the following schedule and daily prompts to help with sharing and discussion. This will allow us to wrap up in late February.


Tuesday January 10, 2017 – 8 pm ET

Introductory Webinar with Dr. Matt Larson – T3 Professional Development Webinar


Week of January 16, 2017

Chapter 1 – Why Mathematics Education Needs to Improve


Week of January 23, 2017

Chapter 2 – A Brief History of Mathematics Education


Week of January 30, 2017

Chapter 3 – The Common Core Mathematics Debate


Week of February 6, 2017

Chapter 4 – The Equilibrium Position and Effective Mathematics Instruction


Week of February 13, 2017

Chapter 5 – How to Help Your Child Learn Mathematics


Week of February 20, 2017

Epilogue – Conclusion and Action Steps for Educators and Parents



Daily Prompts

We encourage you to post your responses to these prompts each day.


daily prompts

Contact Information

The moderator will be Kim Thomas.


Please contact kspry@ti.com if you have any questions.

-Kevin Spry



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